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As seen on Meat, Smoke, Fire's live cooks


Each board is approximately 90cm to 100cm long and between 20 and 30cm wide (depending on style) and are made from the finest hardwood which we locally source.

We use only Ash, Oak or Elm in our boards all of which give a stunning grain pattern that will wow your guests or make the perfect gift.


There are 2 styles of board available either a staright board or one with a longer handle, both of which follow the wood grain and its natural curves. Why not make it more unique and add personalisation or even your logo or the Meat, Smoke, Fire logo!


If you want a board of a different size and there are none in our shop available, drop me a message  and we can build one to your exact specification.


Every board has been delicately worked and finished by hand into the perfect serving/chopping board therefore, no two boards will ever be the same! 

All wooden chopping boards should be wiped clean only! Do not allow the board to sit in water as this can cause the board to warp and split when drying out. We recommend all wooden chopping boards are treated with our homemade board butter on a regular basis.





Custom Meat Smoke Fire Board

Wood Colour